IT Asset Recovery

IT Asset Recovery

Purchasing your business’s used electronics to help offset your era of new technology

AK Electronics purchases you used out of cycle or end of life electronics.  Our goal is help you reduce clutter and offset the cost of your new technology.

AK Electronics Logistics

With a single facility in Streamwood, AK Electronics is fully equipped to handle all of your Electronic Asset Recovery needs.  With one streamlined facility, we feel we have much stricter control over every step of the process.  Our goal is treat your small company needs like a large Corporate Entity.  By this process you can help offset the cost of new technology and increase workspace that you currently have.

Items for Electronics Asset Recovery

We purchase:

  • Computers (Laptop and Desktop)
  • Phones/Tablets
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • Please contact us for more information.

IT Asset Hard Drive Wiping

AK Electronics offers secure methods for data destruction for your protecting your company’s intangible assets. AK Electronics strives to provide complete and transparent open processes as to how we operate when securely erasing or destroying your data. We want to ensure that confidence is entrusted with our company to guarantee complete data elimination.

AK Electronics offers full data destruction services. Proof of Erasure is provided with each hard drive wiped. Each Proof of Erasure will include Drive Serial Number and Method of Erasure as a bare minimum. Reporting can be customized to fit your or your clients needs to ensure integrity of the data erasure chain.

Community Outreach

AK Electronics offers full data wiping services to the local community. If you are a local resident of Streamwood and would like to recycle your computer, we will gladly offer complimentary hard drive wiping to keep your personal data safe.

Please contact us and will be more than happy to set up an appointment for drop off.