AK Electronics take a progressive approach to give top tier customer service within our product line.  Our goal is to help our customers obtain unlimited potential by working with us. We will take the steps necessary to connect our resources within our community and reach out to our customers to help them prosper.

AK Electronics offers a full line of used computers, custom build options, and repair service to help your business.  Whether you have a new employee or need a laptop for the accident proned business traveler, we can help you with your business computing needs.  Please call us or get in contact with us and will be more than happy to assist you with you electronic needs.

Computer Builds and Repair

We also offer custom build services if you have a very specific need or a customer with a specific need.  Alongside that, we also offer support for any computer as well as repair service for all computers.  We have repair technicians available to get your machine running and your business back on track.

Please contact us with any questions or requests for any type of computers or parts.