AK Electronics auditing service houses various testing suites for all computing devices. With a combination of our in-house testing database and various testing programs we are able to accurately assess all aspects of the device. These methods allow us to test individual components of each device and the device working as a whole.  Every step taken is to assure that all devices have been properly tested and maximum value can be assigned to it.

Our reporting on all devices will make it straightforward for your organization to track your assets.  All reports have methods to track your assets either by serial number or by your company’s own asset tags.  The reporting will state exactly what was tested along with other information such as make and model number.  Other information will include specifications of the assets (where applicable) and whether it was or recycled or able to be remarketed.

Hard drive reporting is a separate report we send to make sifting through data simple.  You will be able to track each individual hard drive back to each machine.  Each machine can be either be tracked by your company’s asset tag or individual serial number and easily linked to a Certificate of Data Destruction.

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