AK Electronics has spent years refining its process building custom ways to track assets, eliminate data, test equipment, and audit IT Assets. We have tailored our own internal process to easily fit your company’s needs. AK Electronics is constantly auditing our own internal policies to create stronger and better ways to initiate new proven technology and strengthen our own comprehension of what our customer needs are.

The Process

  • Contact our specialists about your companies needs
  • We will send over a guide indicating the information needed for assets to assess an accurate quote
  • Once guide has been filled out, simply send it back to your specialist and an assessment will be made in one or two business days

  • Once the proposal is accepted, AK Electronics will plan to dispatch services to pick up the devices and arrange logistics to our facility

  • Once the assets arrive, AK Electronics will eliminate all data and audit the devices

  • After our audit data has been send out and verified by your company, payment will be issued

We incorporate this information for the following devices

Data bearing devices that has either failed to erase or is not properly working will have physical implementations applied to them.  AK Electronics owns various equipment in house to handle these needs.  These needs range from being able it degauss traditional magnetic media to the ability to destroy chips in devices.  All these machines used for this process have been NIST Approved.  All devices that have had these methods applied will come with Certificates of Destruction.


Unfortunately, not all equipment holds a secondary market value.  AK Electronics disposes of these Assets properly with a Zero Land-fill policy.  AK Electronics will ensure that all State and Federal guidelines are followed when disposing of all assets.  All recycling material is sent to Certified R2 or E-Steward certified Facilities.

AK Electronics Environmental Health and Safety Policy

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